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Coming Summer 2023...

A magical revisit to one of the most progressive plays in history, Twelfth Night: A Graphic Novel. Currently in the first draft of book 1 act 1, this graphic novel has been a long passion project of mine. Since falling in love with the play in the summer of 2019, I knew I had to adapt this wonderful play. Twelfth Night is beautifully written, hilarious, and gender-bending story that transcends time and media. 


Our story begins with Viola, a destitute young woman is shipwrecked in a foreign land. She is thrusted into romantic chaos when she disguises herself as Cesario, the young man, to work for the devishly handsome Duke Orsino. Cesario is sent off to woo Orsino's beautiful and unrequited love, Olivia. But Cesario finds herself mixed up in a love triangle when Olivia falls for Cesario!

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