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Shakespeare's Twelfth Night:
The Graphic Novel 

Viola, a destitute young woman, is shipwrecked in a foreign land. She is thrusted into romantic chaos when she disguises herself as Cesario, a young man, to work for the devilishly handsome Duke Orsino. Cesario is sent off to woo Orsino's beautiful and unrequited love, Lady Olivia, but Cesario finds herself mixed up in a love triangle when Olivia falls for Cesario! Matters only become more complicated when she is mistaken to be her presumed dead twin brother.


A magical revisit to one of the most progressive plays in history, Twelfth Night: A Graphic Novel. Currently in the first draft of book 1 act 1, this graphic novel has been a long passion project of mine. Since falling in love with the play in the summer of 2019, I knew I had to adapt this wonderful play. Twelfth Night is beautifully written, hilarious, and gender-bending story that transcends time and media. 

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